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Some of the best D.Gray-man fanarts/fanfictions/doujinshis!
1. Exactly what do you like about DGM? And what do MOST like about it?
2. Would anyone be interested in being an Admin here?
3. If you're a shipper what's you favourite couple and what do you like about it?
4. If you're not a shipper which couple makes you angry the most and why?
5. Which are you top 10 characters from DGM(if you can't think of 10 you can answer with 5)?
6. How you want DGM to end?(lol, since when do I give ideas for fanfictions?)

My answers:
1. I'll need the rest of the day to point out everything.
3.-4.I'm on both sides of the shipping thing, so go ahead and rant your heart out :3(I'll get Tyki to help out if ya want.) Plus I ship everything with three exceptions.
5. Easy one...well okay that was a lie :iconliarjackplz:
  1.Cross Marian(favourite anime, male and generally fave character next to Blossy from PPG :3)
  2. Fou
  3. Jasdevi/Neah Walker/Mana Walker(the one-Noah Jasdevi that is, though I like/love the twins too.)
  4. Eliade
  5. Allen Walker(all he has to do is be British and he's already one of my faves)
  6. Lenalee Lee/Road Kamelot
  7. Komui Lee/Reever(such a nice brother even if a bother XD)
  8. Maybe Lavi, I've recently seen that he needs moar love, plus he's an awesome character and reminds me of myself with that 'mask' of his.
  9. Maybe Krowry, 'cause he's just plain adowable and badass in his own way. X)
  10. ....This may sound strange, but I think I like, um what was that old woman and her 'assistant' that cared for Mana, Cross and Allen in England's names again?
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